Entertainment Penn Manor Bound to Entertain

By Abby Talbot –

The stars of Penn Manor will shine.

Entertainment Penn Manor will be held on Saturday at 7-10 p.m it’s an exciting event for students to show Penn Manor what they got. If  a preview seen by the student body Friday is any indication it will be a very popular event.

Greg Gydush sings to an appreciative crowd. Photo by Blake Wales

In an assembly Friday a few students participating in ETPM performed and showed their fellow students a sneak peak.

Marcos Rivera, a senior danced a hip hop routine to a remix.

“I thought he did really good, dancing switches it up between the singing and instruments,” said Maddi Eckenrode, a junior.

The audience cheered with lots of ethusiasm after and during every act. After the prievew was shown to the school, the halls were buzzing with excitement.

“I though it was a really great, everyone who preformed did an awesome job,” said Demi Greenwalt a junior.

Bryan Buckius and Lily Ngo sang “Rhythm of love.

Jeremy Vital plays the bass with his group who performed the hit, "Little Lion Man." Photo by Blake Wales

Greenwalt said, “It was very cute and a great song for them to sing.”

“ETPM is a good way to show hidden talents,” said Eckenrode.

Admission is $6 and the money is going to a scholarship foundation for disadvantaged children.  A donation is also going to the theater department.