Chorus Finishes Final Prep for Hawaii

By Sarah Schaeffer and Jake Shiner –

Only eight days remain until 55 chorus students and seven adults board a plane to Hawaii.

The trip was open to any chorus student interested in attending. Chorus director Melissa Telesco said that she organized many fundraisers to help kids who had a serious interest in going, especially seniors as this is their final opportunity to take such a trip in their high school career.

The Chorus has been counting down for a long time, updating the board each day. Photo by Sarah Schaeffer

The fundraisers have been completed and all that is left to complete is packing and final organization.

“We’re still organizing tickets, shirts and luggage checks,” said head of the music department and chorus director Melissa Telesco.

“I’m packing the night before,” said two juniors, Ryan Dettrey and Mitch Wise.

“I haven’t even started [packing] yet!” said chorus student Brendan Kincade.

The group will be staying at a hotel on The Big Island, the main island of Hawaii.

The students have the chance to perform at the recognition of the 70th Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, which took place on December 7, 1941. According to chorus student Jared Bonawitz, about 50 other choral groups are attending this event.

Telesco said Penn Manor had to apply to sing, but is unsure if any chorus groups were cut from the line up.

Apart from singing at the ceremony, the students will hike on Diamond Head, a volcano, and have lots of ‘beach time,’ said Telesco.

“For the week we’ll be going to a luau, the beach, a catamaran sail, hiking Diamond head, going to sing at Pearl Harbor and a whole lot more,” said Kincade.

There are a few worries that linger:

Ryan Dettrey looks forward to Hawaii and flying for the first time. Photo by Sarah Schaeffer

“[Hawaii] is five hours behind us here, so there will be some jet lag on the way back,” said Telesco.

“Boys can’t wear speeods,” said Kincade.

Despite these minor setbacks, students are looking forward to the week-long adventure.

“I’ve never been there before, it’s warm…” said Bonawitz.

“I’m excited. I’ve never been on a plane before. It’ll be fun to experience that for the first time with all my friends,” said Dettrey.

“It’s a whole week off with my friends from the music department…we’re going on vacation for a whole week in Hawaii,” said Wise.

“I’m looking forward to being across the ocean with all of my classmates. Also, the beautiful weather is going to be amazing,” said Kincade.

The group will meet at the school at 2:45 a.m. on Wednesday the 20 and return the following Wednesday.


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