Boys Volleyball Falls to Warwick

By Joey Jackson –

The Penn Manor boys suffered a defeat late last night in a sloppy five-game set.

Dylan Weber, 2010 2nd-team all-star, led Penn Manor with 33 kills.

“On fire,” is how assistant coach Tim Joyce described Weber’s performance, “There was a challenge in front of him and he rose to meet it.”

Penn Manor also had a strong performance from Cheyenne Weber who put up a stat-line of 60-plus kill assists. Joey Jackson had a strong blocking outing with five solo blocks, and senior Pat Navin used his experience to finish the match with a crafty 11 kills.

The Penn Manor boys looked to be a more well-rounded team with a stronger offense in the two games that they won, but Warwick was able to take advantage of the unforced errors and poor decisions committed by the young Penn Manor squad.


  1. Bias Boy says:

    You can’t have a volleyball player write about his own game.

  2. Allen Smith says:

    OMG, That Dylan Weber kid is a really good player and the fact that he had 33 kills is amazing. He really knows how to play.