YouTube going Professional

By Nick Joniec –

YouTube, one of the most famous video sharing sites is going to soon be turning to the professionals.

Google, the owner of YouTube, recently acquired Next New Networks. Next New Networks is a company that not only helps distribute new video creator’s media, they also create some of their own programming.

YouTube and Next New Networks Merger

According to the NYTimes, Next New Networks already has two million views per month.

Besides being user and subscriber driven, YouTube will also create it’s own original content. This will give YouTube a shot at more competition with big web video services such as Hulu and Netflix.

Already, Next New Networks is part of the online-video community with some shows such as Barely Political, Indy Mogul, and Fast Lane Daily.

Next New Networks videos have also been on YouTube’s Most Watched Videos list of 2010.

The partnership between YouTube and Next New Networks will introduce more communications and meetings between video producers and the streaming companies. Video producers can be part of YouTube Partner Grants and receive revenue for their professionally created content.

The YouTube Partner Grants program also allows for producers to access tools to make their viewers enjoy their channels and videos better.