Your Safety is a Click Away on Facebook

By Amber Brenner-

The newest TMI disaster is waiting to happen. Its name: Facebook.

Facebook users can create personal profiles, collect friends to communicate closely with, join groups in which they are interested, share pictures and so much more. The possibilities seem endless.

“I mostly post lyrics that explain my feelings at the time,” said Kim Blake, a junior at Penn Manor, “I sometimes use code. There are just certain people who don’t need to know about my life.”

But not everyone uses the same mentality that Blake uses.

“I really don’t pay attention to what other people post. It’s just ridiculous. Your status shouldn’t change with the wind. Seriously, get a life,” Blake commented, “People need to learn to fight in person. Facebook just makes you look stupid. And those people who post the countdown until they have their baby and post pictures after they have it really make me want to tell them that babies are NOT cute. Babies look like aliens!”

“I don’t care that you’re getting a smoothie,” commented Michael Ariano, a junior at Penn Manor.

Ariano sees Facebook as a whole other issue, aside from the obvious drama epidemic. Ariano sees Facebook as a violation of privacy.

“Places by Facebook makes it easy to stalk people,” Ariano chuckled, “and people need to learn to read the conditions before they click the ‘I accept’ and make their profile.”

According to Ariano, the pages and pages of fine print that so many of us ignore to save time and automatically accept include conditions that Facebook has rights to (and owns) everything you post.  Your opinions, feelings, and any original ideas you post on Facebook now belong to Facebook.

Have you ever written a song? If you were to post the lyrics to that song on Facebook, it’s no longer yours. The owners and creators of Facebook now have the legal rights to your work.

Are you thinking about what you post? Well, you should.

The world doesn’t care about your problems, so all you are doing is giving your ideas away to Facebook.

Maybe one day we will learn.

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