Injuries Can Hold Back the Strongest of People

By Zach Campbell –

Is it hip to injure a hip or out of style to ignore?

Sports injuries happen frequently.  Some major, some minor, but the ones that are serious can affect someone’s life in many different ways.

Dillon Walker, a student at Penn Manor was faced with that fate. Walker learned that he had femoral ace tabular impingement in his left hip.

That means his bone was pushing through the socket and rubbing against the other side.  Walker still isn’t able to dead lift or squat. That’s what he did best. He was strong and he has different world records for power lifting. Now, Walker is starting his rehabilitation and is regaining his strength back and his mobility.

Sports equipment that can help and hurt an athlete. Photo by Zach Campbell

Some young athletes push their limits, unaware of the consequences lurking in the future. Most athletes are very stubborn and don’t stop when they get injured and make it worse, resulting in surgery or therapy and even risking their sports career.

“If I start again the same injury could happen all over again. Then I’d be back to square one,” Walker said.

Now Walker is taking it easy.  Walker was scared going into his surgery because it could have ended his lifting career forever.

He is nervous for his future and doesn’t know how the rest of his lifting career will go because of his current injury.

Walker is working hard to recover his injured hip by going to therapy and taking it easy for a while until he is cleared to lift again.

According to the Penn Manor senior athlete, his recovery has been long and hard considering what he had done.  Walker currently is allowed  to lift whenever his pain goes away, so Walker is making a full recovery.  This is what overworking your body will do. Wear down and end up broken.

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