Another Young Superstar – Oh Dang!

By Whitney Reno –

Alan Dang is one smart cookie with a side of humble pie.

When walking down the halls a boy with jet-black hair can be seen who is shorter and obviously younger than the others who surround him. With a backpack almost as big as himself, he weaves his way to his block one and two classes. Then he makes his

PM student goes half day to the high school, half day at the middle school. Photo by Whitney Reno

way to the middle school to finish out his day.

In the morning Dang takes a school bus to the high school where he has block one -Spanish with Mrs. Baxter- and then block two -Us History I with Joe Herman. To finish out his school day, Dang rides in a school van to Manor Middle School where he takes science and social studies with other middle schoolers.

When some students excel in their academics they may feel the need to boast. But not Dang, he must eat a slice of humble pie for breakfast every morning.

“None of my friends make a big deal out of my school day, I’m just treated like another kid,” said Dang.

Dang is in the Discover program at the middle school and took a practice SAT test. The results proved him to be advanced in Math and English for his grade; this sign of intelligence was with Dang ever since he was in elementary school and he was able to skip second grade. These results are also the reason for Dang to be here in the high school. He will be taking honors English 9 and Geo-Trig.

“I took them [Spanish and History classes] to get acquainted with the high school,” said Dang.

He mentioned that due to the block scheduling at the high school and the period scheduling at the middle school, he took classes here at the high school instead of not taking anything.

Other than an interest in academics, Dang loves to wrestle and play soccer. This will be his first year wrestling for the middle school, but he has been playing soccer for a while. It’s something he can’t get enough of so he plays year-round.

Dang plans on continuing to take honors classes next year when he is in the high school all of the time.