Fan Bus, Team Spirit or Just to Save some Gas?

By Dayonte Dixon –

Madelyn Hess, student and athlete at Penn Manor high school, expressed an idea to director Roth about having a fan bus give students a ride to the playoff game Wednesday between Penn Manor comets and Red Land Patriots.

But could what was thought to be an idea to express school pride, actually be just a scheme to save some gas?

A fan bus will be escorting student to the playoff game tonight between the comets and the patriots

“Well I knew a lot of people wanted to go tonight, so I figured why make them drive.” said Hess. Only 20 signatures were needed for director Roth to accept the idea, but Hess says she is guessing over thirty people will be attending, but is hoping for more.

Throughout this school year there has not been a single fan bus to a game. As for tonight being the first time for a fan bus this year, coincidentally the game is in Red Land which is about an hour away, give or take a few minutes.

“The boys are going to play the way they’re going to play anyway, but maybe the fan bus will help them get hyped,” said Hess, who spoke less about the effect it would have on the team, but more on the idea of saving gas.

“Most of the people want to see the game, but I do think that a big reason for people taking it is to save gas,” says Jaquan Presbery, starting point guard on Penn Manor varsity basketball team.

The fan bus may be great help in showing support to the team and a quick scheme to save a few bucks.

No matter what, the “fan bus” will be full of Comet spirit.

2 thoughts on “Fan Bus, Team Spirit or Just to Save some Gas?”

  1. This was a great idea…and no matter what the outcome, I think it is definitely something that should occur regularly. Its safer, environmental freindly and allows for more social interactions among teenagers…Thanks for getting this started!!! Hope to see it flourish!

  2. This article does not make sense. Obviously everyone who wanted to take the bus had school pride or they wouldn’t make a four hour commitment to go to a basketball game. They weren’t just sitting on a bus to save gas. Everyone wanted to go. I guess whoever wrote this is realllly short on ideas.

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