Career Day A Success for Staff and Students

By Cody Straub and Jake Shiner

Taylor Groff & Alex Geli also contributed to this story

It was Career Day once again.  On February 4, Penn Manor, for the third consecutive year,  held Career Day to give students a glimpse into what the future might have in store for them.

With 72 speakers taking time out of their busy schedule to speak the students had many opportunities to learn about all types of different careers. This event wasn’t just thrown together in a few days. Counselor Marjean Long has been working to get professionals to come in, and organize students since August.

“I started contacting the guest speakers in August, and got confirmation from them in a couple of months, and then conducted the student sign ups,” said Long who was the main coordinator of Career Day.

Wendy Jordan and her dog Fire presenting on Friday. Photo by Jake Shiner

Jobs from all types of fields were represented at this year’s Career Day. Student’s could do anything from watching  dog trainer Wendy Jordan, and her dog Fire, to sitting in as Chef Bob Genet cooked up all different types of food.

“Chef Bob was awesome,” said senior Cody Welch.

Genet, in students’ minds, was awesome for many reasons. He made great food, told fascinating stories and explained to students the importance of education.

“I think (high school students) need to understand the importance of a post secondary education, and really, if you’re looking for a career, you need some sort of education past high school,” Genet said, “you need to have an edge over the other one hundred people that are applying for that position, and schooling is where it begins,” he added.

"Chef Bob" doing what he does best in front of the students on Career Day. Photo by Jake Shiner

Along with listening to two speakers of their choice, freshman, sophomores and juniors took turns going to the auditorium to listen to Thomas Baldrige, President of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Baldrige interacted with the students by playing his own version of Deal or No Deal.

“I like to involve the audience especially with students,” said Baldrige.

School-wide Career Day was viewed as a positive learning experience for all who attended.

Student Rob Fisher couldn’t pick just one of his favorite parts of the day.

“I would have to say, it is the amazing educational experience that is offered to me during Career Day,” he said.

“Career Day is a great way to look at options for the future,” said senior Josh Carle.

Librarian Pamela Yarnell agrees with this as well but thinks that it benefits older students more because of their maturity and being closer to graduation. “It could spark a new interest in them,” she said.

Thomas Baldrige spoke about qualities necessary to be successful in the workplace throughout the day. Photo by Jake Shiner

So how do the counselors decide what professionals to bring in to help “spark” that interest for students?

“The counselors looked at Career Cruising, we used some of the occupations or careers that are a high interest based on what Career Cruising said, and then I also went to the Penn Manor alumni meeting and I asked if graduates from Penn Manor wanted to come back and share their careers and then the third thing I did I asked  some people that have been here in the past, I just invited them back,” said Long.

Jeremy Nesmith, the coordinator of Twilight school,  agrees that Career Day is an important step to finding a career, but is stressed that the students have to make the most out of the day.

“Relevance is most important because if kids don’t relate to what you’re saying, it’s just a waste of time,” Nesmith said.

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  1. career day was alot of fun i liked the jobs that i explored they kept my attention i was alot of fun to see what i might do or look like when i am doing that job. it was amazing top here what people have to say about their jobs and it was nice to here that their jobs arnt always good or bad some have good days and some have bad days this made me narrow down my discens and tought me alot about what i should do to get a good job any were and in any thing i have to do hood in school thanks for having a career day for us it realy helped me relize my choices

  2. This day was pointless all i did was sit bored out of my mind and didn’t learn anything. They have no choices that i would like to do. The best part of the day was my 3rd block class i would have much rather had to have all of my classes instead.

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