Career Day: A Chance for Students to look into the Future

By Cody Straub –

Tomorrow Penn Manor High School students will get a little taste of what the real world is really like.They will have the chance to listen to anything from a firefighter, to a federal government employee, to a teacher and everything in between.

Tomorrow students will spend the first three hours of school going around classrooms listening to three different professionals talk about their careers.

For two of the sessions students will listen to professionals that they chose earlier this year, and  Tom Baldrige, President of the Lancaster Chamber of  Commerce and Industry, will be the third professional every student hears.  He will speak to every class in the auditorium during each session.

Penn Manor holds Career Day each year to help students learn more about the real world, and different jobs. Students will have the opportunity to listen to a presentation and then ask any questions they might have. It allows them to talk to people in professional fields they are interested in, and learn everything about the job.