What Penn Manor Students Think 2011 will Bring

The 2010 spotlight was filled with lots of Snooki, many celebrities getting in trouble with law, The Tea Party, the fashion takeover by leggings and Bret Farve getting caught ‘sexting’.

Everyone’ s curious to see what manic events 2011 will bring. Penn Manor students have some ideas…


On the subject of Lindsay Lohan, many students thought that because of her track record in 2010, that 2011 would not be much better.

“I think she’ll get a DUI, and fail more drug tests and just continue to go in and out of jail,” predicted junior Amanda Nolt.

Nicole Harnish, also a junior, said “I’d have to agree that she will repeat the same mistakes, she will definitely keep getting in trouble, but I think she will do something scandalous this year.”

Zach Miller agreed saying “She may die from a drug overdose, and she will definitely go back to jail for more drug violations, she definitely won’t be making a sequel to The Parent Trap this year.”

The world is waiting for you to entertain us Lindsay!

Nothing will kick off 2011 better then the start of the new Jersey Shore season. Especially with a new cast member, Deena Nicole Cortese, who just so happens to be best friends with the infamous Snooki. Students had some predictions about what will happen this season…


” I think Sammi and Ron will break up, and everyone will hate Sammi even more then they did last season,” said Alissa Oktela. ”

“I think someone, possibly Ronnie is going to get kicked out for fighting” forecast senior Julia Rios.

Another show that is expected to be popular also on MTV, is The Skins.This show is written mostly by teenagers that are hoping to speak to American Youth. The show is about the fast life of teenagers and how drugs, sex  and death are becoming way too common.

“I think people will really like it and it will be a big hit of 2011 because teens will really be able to relate to the show,” freshman Alissa Oktela predicted. The show premiers Jan. 19.

On the thought of teenagers, leggings came back into style with a bang in 2010. Will they be just as popular in 2011?

Rios thinks they will.

“They just got popular, but they will stay in style cause I’ll keep wearing them, ha-ha.”

“Also,”  Sarah Tirado said, “They match everything and they are just too comfy to go out of style.”

We will have to wait and see if these students were right about the trendy fashion statement of 2010.

Football was in the headlines last year for Bret Favre’s sexting scandal and the helmet-to-helmet hit rule, which was enforced when rough play brought the injury rate to an all-time high.

Some sportswriters are predicting a player strike or an owner lockout. Either way fans will be disappointed and the networks will lose millions of dollars.

“I hate Bret Favre, I’m so glad that he’s retiring, and as far as the lockout goes, I really think the players should be given a break due to the increased injuries this season,” said Rios.

“My prediction for the 2011 football season is that the Eagles will win the Super Bowl, Go Eagles!” said freshman Taylor Hess.

Only time will tell if the students predictions are right!

By Chassidy Sowersby

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