Leggings are a Fashion Hit for High School Girls

When you think of sweater dresses and Ugg boots, what else comes to mind?


“Leggings are the most plain article of clothing, but there is so much to do with them, you can turn your look into anything but basic,” says an article in Teen Vogue Magazine.

Vogue teens agree.  In fact leggings seems to be turning into a fashion epidemic here at Penn Manor High School

“They are comfortable, but not exactly warm… it’s like wearing sweatpants but more fashionable, ” said junior Nicole Harnish.

“I buy my leggings from anywhere that sells them, I think they are extremely comfortable,” said senior Emily Nickel, “I just get very annoyed when administration tries to say that leggings are inappropriate. Especially when they cover everything.”

Brittany Wright and Lauren Anderson told Penn Points that the main stores where girls buy leggings include Forever 21, H&M, Charollette Russe and Abercrombie Kids.

Many girls in Penn Manor wear leggings. Photo by Chassidy Sowersby

Many girls interviewed had different opinions about what clothing items go with leggings. But it seems they go with nearly anything and that might just be the reason why they are part of this season’s fashion trend.

“I like to wear long T-shirts or sweatshirts with them, and my Ugg boots,” said Wright.

“I like to wear long flannels with my leggings,” said Anderson.

Each Thursday, an invitation is sent out via Facebook to every Penn Manor Student. The event is called “No pants Thursday.”

On this day many of the girls at Penn Manor wear leggings instead of jeans. This Facebook invite is usually sent out by Maddy Hess, Alicia Burns and Stefanie Friedman.

When two Penn Manor junior boys were interviewed, they had some interesting things to say about girls wear leggings…

“I find girls more attractive when they are wearing leggings, It should be mandatory,” said junior, Errol Hammond.

Junior Marc Summy said, “I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, however, not every girl can pull them off.”

Both of the boys agreed that the legging colors make a big difference saying either black, brown or grey are the only OK colors for girls to wear.

By Chassidy Sowersby

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  1. I think it is sad that this is what the school newspaper is writing about, and that it would publish something so poorly written. It gives one side of the story, not that I’m “against leggings”, but maybe some actual input from the administration would have been nice to hear. I think the newspaper should focus on some real issues in the school instead of what girls are wearing on the lower half of their bodies.

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