Lancaster Newspapers All-Stars at Penn Manor

Bigger, faster, stronger, better.

Penn Manor High School is home to more than just great students. Some of the best athletes in the Susquehanna Valley reside here in Millersville.

There were four in field hockey, one in soccer, one in volleyball, one in football and a cross-country prodigy to boot.

In all, Penn Manor had eight Lancaster Newspaper All-Stars. Three of which are players of the year.

Katie Breneman, Helen Doolittle, Madelyn Hess, and Renee Suter were named field hockey All-Stars, more than from any other school.

“It’s a great honor. We all worked really hard for it,” said Doolittle.

“All four of the girls are remarkable athletes. They have been blessed with athletic talent,” said field hockey head coach Matt Soto.

Willie Chalfant, a Temple soccer recruit, received the “Boy’s Soccer Play of the Year” award. An award given to a single player in the league.

Garrett Young, senior captain for the football team, was selected as an All-Star at linebacker.

Athletic director of the year, Jeff Roth.

“It’s very humbling,” Young explained. “I credit it to my hard work, coaching, and my faith in God and Jesus.”

Young also is ranked in the top 5 in his class academically, and plans to attend school for premed studies.

Girls cross-country runner of the year is no surprise. Gretta Lindsley, a freshman, dominated the L-L league not losing in league play. Expectations are high for her in the next three years.

“I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing,” said Lindsley.

Penn Manor’s spiking All-Star was found in Elly Rausch. Rausch was voted the Girls Volleyball Player of the Year.

“It feels great to have such athletes at our school,” said athletic director Jeff Roth, who himself was named Lancaster/Lebanon Athletic Director of the Year and District 3 Athletic Director of the Year award. “We have three league MVPs  of the eight sports in the fall.”

Roth said, “I think our coaches are some of the finest in the league.” Our athletes reflect how far our programs have come in the past few years.”

By Jessen Smith