NSPA Names Five Penn Manor Students as Award Winners

Several current and former Penn Points staff members won national awards for their work in the National Scholastic Press Association individual competitions, announced this month.

The NSPA has competitions divided into sections for various groups such as online newspapers, yearbooks and story of the year. Each section has three places and an honorable mention category.

Sarah Schaeffer, Taylor Groff and Kendal Phillips holding their awards

Junior Sarah Schaeffer, 16, was awarded second place in the Multimedia Story of the Year category.

“It felt wonderful to know that I won this,” she said.

Her story told of Mandy Li, an immigrant to Lancaster County from China and about her talent at the piano and in math.

Another NSPA multimedia award was given to senior Kendal Phillips. Her multimedia project won honorable mention.

The story was about the high school’s mosaic wall project progress.

“I found out about my award in the beginning of the school year,” said Phillips.

Taylor Groff also was recognized for his video contribution to both awards. Groff did some of the video and multimedia in both projects. He said he was proud of his work and of Penn Points achievements.

Cody Erb and Dessie Jackson, 2010 graduates of Penn Manor, also worked on the Mandy Li story.

Every year, the NSPA awards students and school organizations for their excellent work throughout the United States.

By Nick Joniec