Penn Manor Adopts New Annual Tradition

This Thanksgiving the Penn Manor community wasn’t just stuffing their own mouths with turkey and pumpkin pie.

Penn Manor’s Student Council participated in a food drive organized by the YMCA of Lampeter-Strasburg.

Families were given food to prepare for Thanksgiving. Photo Courtesy of
Benefitting from this event were families right here in southern Lancaster County, including the Penn Manor, Lampeter-Strasburg, and Solanco school districts.

A social psychology teacher at Penn Manor, Maria Vita, was helpful in the organization and planning of the event.

Vita shared responsibility with Richard Brenton, a history teacher, in overseeing the Student Council club.

“Thanks to the wonderful staff, donated money helped feed over 100 families in the school district,” said Vita.

Through a $5 donation, teachers and staff were able to participate in “Dress Down Friday” where they wore jeans and T’s instead of dresses and ties.

“We were not sure how much we would raise, considering dress down is a teacher/staff choice, but we were pleasantly surprised with $753,” explained Vita.  “One teacher-aide donated $100 to the cause!”

Student Council members help pack boxes for the YMCA Food Drive. Photo Courtesy of Maria Vita

But the benefit was much more than a work day for Penn Manor personnel, there was work to be completed.

Packaging day had finally arrived.

The student’s got right down to it on Nov. 21 at the YMCA, putting together meals and decorating the boxes the meals would be delivered in.

The number of boxes reached 450, 150 boxes more than was packed by the YMCA last Thanksgiving!

Through raising funds in the form of direct money donations, vouchers, and food collections, the event proved to be very successful.

A new annual event is sure to continue.

By Christa Charles