Computer Whiz Kid only a Freshman

Nick Joniec wakes up and goes to school everyday, like any other 15-year-old.

But when school is over for the day, all similarities disappear.

Yes, he’s only a freshman, but Joniec works at a business. HIS own business, to be exact, which is a computer and tech help service. He pulls down a salary that would make many other students quite envious.

Nick Joniec works on the computer. Photo by Jordan Sangrey

“I like to help people and I like computers,” said Joniec as if it is totally normal for a high school kid to make house calls and hand out his own business card.

Besides earning a living, Joniec said starting and running his own business has taught him to multitask and to balance his time efficiently.

“In the long run I want to be in the field of Information Technology,” he said.

According to one national website, the average age of an entrepreneur is 37.  It looks as though Joniec has quite the head start.

“It’s [technology] constantly changing and I love to keep up with it,” Joniec said.

But the business, like most, is not without its problems.

“One time I had a new network deployment and the previous server’s database had lost some of the users. That was a mess to straighten out.”

Joniec encourages other students to follow his lead.

“Pick something that you like and work your way up,” he said.

By Jordan Sangrey

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