Vick goes from the Doghouse to Penthouse

After a great Monday Night performance  Eagles quarterback Michael Vick finds himself in a dog fight for MVP.

“It was amazing,” said gym teacher and Penn Manor football coach Scott Lackey of Vick’s Monday Night spotlight performance.

Vick who accounted for six Eagles touchdowns against the Washington Redskins on Monday Night, leads the league in quarterback passer rating (115.1)  has yet to throw an interception, and has accumulated 15 total touchdowns in the six games he has played so far this year. While the stats say this will be Vick’s year, some students beg to differ.

“He (Vick) is a tank, but his luck is gonna run out”, said senior Dalton Willard.

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Willard believes that right now Vick is performing great but doesn’t think he can keep the magic going through the rest of the season, and playoffs.

After Vick’s magical Monday night performance, Kevin Kolb has become a thing of the past for the Eagles and their fans.

The once future franchise quarterback, who was given a one-year extension, will now be just arguably the best back-up in the NFL for the next two years.

Lackey said, “ If Kolb is happy being the backup. Why change it?”

Sophomore Darren Weidman agreed with Lackey,” Keep him (Kolb) as a backup.”

While his performance lately has dazzled fans, it is hard for one to forget that just a mere few years ago Vick was sitting in jail for participating in a dog fighting ring. Or is it?

“He paid his debt to society,” stated Lackey, “Second chances are what they are.”

“If a player does good his popularity goes up,” said Willard

The Hall of Fame has had no problem forgetting about Vick’s troubled past, they even requested Vick’s jersey from the Monday Night game to be displayed at the Canton, Ohio museum.

While questions and doubts still surround Vick because of his past, nobody can deny the stats, and that he is a legitimate contender for the MVP award at the end of the season.

Vick has completed 62.7 percent of his passes for 1350 yards on the season, and is the only starting quarterback who has yet to throw an interception so far this season, granted he has only played six games. To go along with his superb passing stats, Vick has rushed for 341 yards and four touchdowns on 44 carries this season.

Weidman and Willard both thought, despite how well Vick has been playing as of late, that at the end of the season he will not win the MVP award.

Lackey disagreed though, when asked if Vick could win the MVP he replied, “Yep.”

While some people are not happy that Vick is back in the NFL, the Eagles are not on that list because Vick  gives them a great  chance to get back to the playoffs, and possibly even the Super Bowl.

By Cody Straub and Jake Shiner

2 thoughts on “Vick goes from the Doghouse to Penthouse”

  1. Great article Cody and Jake! Michael Vick and the E-A-G-L-E-S have a tough road to the Super Bowl: Giants twice, Chicago, Houston, Minnesota, Dallas twice, and then the playoffs. As long as the defense does their job, I believe the offense will succeed. Go Eagles!

  2. This was a great article i agree with everybody who said Michael Vick is doing a great job, I am a die hard Eagles fan Michael Vick is good but you also got to think about the rest of the players on the team, so i agree Michael Vick is doing great right now hopefully his luck if it is luck doesn’t run out. But i believe in him and lets go EAGLES.

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