Pink Game Exceeds The Expected Results

Penn Manor’s girls field hockey team raised money to help breast cancer awareness this year.

The team knew October was Breast Cancer awareness month, so they decided to have a pink game to help raise money. They sold shirts to Penn Manor families, students and anyone who wanted one. All the concession stand money collected throughout the game by selling food went directly to this cause.

Penn Manor players were not the only people involved in the effort, friends of the field hockey booster club played a big role on preparing everything. Manheim Township was involved, too.

“Yes, we plan to do it again next year,” Matt Soto said about the team’s plans to repeat the event next year.

“We plan on getting the entire league to participate in this next year, it just might be a huge turn out,” Soto said.

The game was a huge hit. One game raised $4,550.

“We exceeded our goal. Our goal was not money, it was cancer awareness,” Soto said.  “Its amazing what one day or one game can do.”

One way Penn Manor honored people with cancer or people who have passed away from cancer was by placing lighted baskets throughout the stadium with their names on it.

Players and families were very impressed with the turnout and would like to thank everyone who participated.

By Tyler Funk

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