Education day at Penn Manor High School

Ready or not, here comes college.

Penn Manor High School had its annual Education Day yesterday, when many colleges came to the school gym and set up stands with lots of information about open houses, scholarships, majors, minors and applications.

There was also a College Night held at Conestoga Valley High School.

Information at one of the college stands. Photo by Sarah Garner

Many of the schools return each year to the annual event with vital information to help students choose colleges.

Gretchen Schwartz from The Pennsylvania College of Art & Design said, “I came for Education Day before.”

“West Chester is the school that I am very interested in,” senior Morgan Talbert said, “I visited the college and I also went to the table. There were many colleges here today that I’ve never heard of.”

Students were eligible to visit the event during their lunch and some teachers were allowing students to visit during their third block class.

“Education Day shows a variety of schools that you can choose to go to, Penn State is currently the college that I am most interested in,” junior Matt Duvall said.

Last night, there was a bigger education event which was held at Conestoga Valley High School.

Matt Duvall getting some information at one of the college stands. Photo by Sarah Garner

Guidance Counselor Mrs. Long said the Conestoga Valley event would include three sessions.

Representatives of different colleges are looking to help students with any questions they may have and help them to choose the right college, Long said.

“Penn Manor is only offering 75-different colleges today, but  at Conestoga Valley, 250-different colleges will be present,” Long said.  “Any information about tonight’s event can be picked up in the guidance office. There are pamphlets that explain a lot of the details and the different seminars.”

For some younger students, there is plenty of time to think about the future, but for others, deadlines are coming fast and the pressure is on.

By Allana Herr