Texas Teens Go Without Makeup

Step away from the lipstick.

A group of girls from Texas are going without makeup every Tuesday, but it seems to be a trend few Penn Manor girls are likely to follow.

In their effort to redefine beauty, a group of six girls from Colleyville Heritage High School, in Texas made a push to promote self-confidence and female empowerment by walking the halls without makeup.

Mikah Farbo of Penn Manor often wears no makeup around school. Photo by Mary Treier

Here at Penn Manor High School, it is rare to see girls without makeup. Many say they wear makeup because they think it makes themselves look better and would not go without it.

“I definitely care how other people see me,” senior Brittany Wright said.

Although going to school without makeup could be a challenge for girls who are used to cover up, mascara, eye liner and blush, there are some who wouldn’t mind joining The “Redefining Beautiful” campaign, as it is called.

“I’m confident about myself whether I’m wearing makeup or not” said Dani Warfel, a student at Penn Manor High School.

“I think girls at Penn Manor should be more confident in themselves because they don’t need all that makeup. The key is to make it look like your not wearing any,” said senior Jeremy Vital.

Beck Shue of Penn Manor High School wears makeup around the halls. Photo by Mary Treier

The Texas girls were inspired to start this campaign after hearing about Operation Beautiful, which has a goal to improve self confidence for females everywhere. The members of the group are responsible for posting anonymous notes and messages in public bathrooms and other locations for other women to later find.

“They should also know they are beautiful without it as well and I feel a lot of girls forget that,” said Jeff Ford.

By Mary Treier

4 thoughts on “Texas Teens Go Without Makeup”

  1. Now they still young. They can go without makeup. They will get older and older and without makeup , please, never happen. I think this beautiful operation is stupid and useless!

  2. I understand how foregoing makeup for school would make many tweens uncomfortable. However, I do believe there are life lessons to be learned
    here; self confidence being major! Finding a group of supportive friends is the first step.

    To ponder, girls……make up does not make the girl….the girl makes herself
    by being a confident and caring person!

  3. I think girls should wear only a small amount of make up because every girl is beautiful in their own way …girls should be considered pretty by their personality not appearance.

  4. I hate wearing that stuff because it makes me look completely different. Girls should just show their natural beauty instead of trying to cover it up.

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