Halloween Costumes Evoke Popular Culture This Year

It’s that time of year for costume shopping.

In elementary school it was typical for students to wear their favorite cartoon character or a Disney movie character as their Halloween costume.

But when student’s reach high school, the decision to pick out a costume gets a little more complex. Costumes in high school are more likely to be based off of a celebrity such as Lady Gaga or the actors from the MTV show such as Jersey Shore.

Most students at Penn Manor said they got their costume from Party City or Spirit Halloween. However, two students told Penn Points that they rented their costumes from The Millersville Costume Shop.

Lady Gaga will be a popular costume this year. Photo courtesy of Homorazzi.com

Senior Zach Miller said, “I found my tiger outfit that I used to wear so I’m going to try and squeeze into it.”

An employee from Spirit Halloween, located across from Park City, said that the costume prices range anywhere from “less than $10 to up to anything you would like to spend.”

The employee said the most popular-selling costumes this year were Lady Gaga, Alice in Wonderland characters and the actors from Jersey Shore. The most expensive Alice in Wonderland is $60, and the most expensive Lady Gaga costume at Spirit is $40. The employee at Spirit shared that  “The Jersey Shore costumes are all sold out, Snookie, Dj Pauly-D and the Situation.”

According to an online resource, www.costumzee.com, other popular costumes were Chucky, a nerd, Barbie and Disney characters.

People and kids especially spend a lot on Halloween costumes each year. Costumes can be very expensive depending on where you get them, but if it’s a great looking costume, kids will purchase it.

Some teens will dress like characters from MTV's Jersey Shore. Photo courtesty of Kiss951.radio.com

Freshman Alyssa Oktela said, “I am willing to spend over $50 for a costume. Last year, my costume was $80-dollars. I will normally purchase my costumes at Hot Topic.

Even though Halloween is geared toward younger kids, high school kids are still participating in the trick-or-treat fun. Some parents approve of their teenagers going out, and others don’t find it to be a good idea.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do this year yet because my parents said I was too old to go out, but I’m going to try to go with my little cousins. I am going to go to Party City soon to find a costume although I don’t have any ideas yet,” said freshman Brittany Weidman.

Some kids take their younger siblings or cousins around. They still enjoy the lights and surroundings, but are supervising their younger siblings.

Oktela said, “I sometimes go with my younger siblings and cousins, but I don’t dress up or get candy.”

By  Allana Herr and Chassidy Sowersby

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