Phillies Season On The Line

In a nail-biting comeback, the Phillies managed to stay alive in the National League Championships by beating the San Francisco Giants, 4-2, on Thursday night in San Francisco.

Although the Philadelphia Phillies are currently behind the Giants 3-1 in the playoffs, they aren’t losing their die-hard Penn Manor fans.

Penn Manor junior Marc Summy is one of many students who believes strongly that the Phils can pull off all the wins they need to in order to go to the World Series.

Game one was held October 16th in Citizens Bank Park.

Juan Uribe hits a game-winning sacrifice fly, Photo by Google Images

The Giants won that game, a nail biter 4-3, Saturday in Philadelphia.

But the Phils did not give up. On Oct. 18 the Phils blew out the Giants 6-1, which tied the series 1-1. Game 3 was held on the night of Oct. 19 and the Phils lost 3-0.

Game 4 was held Wednesday in San Francisco and the Phils lost a close one in the ninth 6-5.

Game 5 was played in San Francisco. If the Phillies win game 6 in Philadelphia, game 7 will be in their hometown.

Penn Manor junior, Austin Richwine, supports the Phils from start to finish, no matter what.

“No, (I am not gonna give up on the Phils but) they’ve been in and out, up and down all year round,” said Richwine.

Dylan Weber agreed.

“I will support the Phillies through the entire series,” Weber said.

Wednesday night’s game was especially heartbreaking when the Phils were winning and ended up losing a close one in the ninth inning.The Phils season is on the line due to trailing in the series 3-1. The Phils need to win every game from here on out.

“Phillies and the Texas Rangers are going to be in the World Series,” said Penn Manor junior, Brandon Schuman.

Although the Phils are trailing it is easy to see that Penn Manor has not gave up there faith quite yet.

“They’ve been working too hard all year,” Schuman said. “(Opponents) can’t beat the rotation.”

Penn Manor senior, Tanner Kennedy, believes the Phillies can win also because of there outstanding pitching staff and roster.

The Phillies had an up and down season. Injuries were a major problem for the Phillies, but somehow Coach Charlie Manuel found a way to make everything work. The Phillies had a record of 97-65 during the regular season and finished first in the National League East.

They still have one more shot at completing their season the way Penn Manor fans wanted – with two more wins.

By Tyler Funk

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  1. Guys, c’mon. “If the Phillies win game 5 game 6, which they have to in order to stay alive in the playoffs, game 7 will be in their hometown.”
    Um, games 6 and 7 are being played in Philly.
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