AP Art Hosts Their First, And Last, Show

It looks like Andy Warhol has entered the building.

An “art walk” will be held in the art wing of Penn Manor High School Thursday, June 3. The event, hosted by the AP art students, will last the entire school day and it will showcase the work of students and faculty.

At any time, teachers may take their classes down to the art wing to view the artwork.

“It would be great if all classes could come see [the art] especially since not everyone comes down this hallway,” said senior Kayla Kauffman, an AP Art student.

Student art will be displayed during "art walk." Photo by Abby Wilson

The day is being planned by the current AP art class as a last hurrah since the probable cancellation of the class.

“We are starting an art movement,” said AP art senior Matt Blaisdell. “Gaining interest in the art department [is the goal].”

“It’s an opportunity to show off our work to students not in art classes and who normally wouldn’t see it,” said senior Addie Aukamp.

Despite disappointment over the proposed cancellation of the class, but the students are still excited for the show.

“[Our pieces] were really hard work, but it’ worth it in the long run because now everyone in the school can come see it and benefit,” said Megan Carr, another AP art student.

Art is already being hung in the showcases and signs are going up in the hallway.

“Come out and hang with some freakin’ cool art kids,” said Blaisdell.

By Emily Brody and Jacqueline Lennon

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