Spring Fling Gets Rained on… Again

Not only does the tradition of Spring Fling continue, the tradition of wet, rainy weather does too.

On May 14, Spring Fling, Penn Manor’s annual carnival, was held at Comet Field from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m., with additional fireworks that started after dark.

Sumo wrestlers battled it out at Spring Fling 2010. Photo by Sarah Garner

The Spring Fling adviser and assistant principal, Doug Eby, was satisfied with the outcome of Spring Fling this year, setting aside the weather conditions.

“We were about running out of parking, but then it started to rain and people left,” said Eby. “[When the rain stopped] they came back.”

WeatherChannel.com had predicted afternoon thunderstorms for the day of Spring Fling, but Mother Nature surprised everyone by adding hail into the mix.

The hail was the size of marbles and did minor damage to stands and the surrounding cars.

“We had a good amount of people and when it started hailing we lost about half of them,” said senior Kayla Drexel, a Spring Fling coordinator.

“I think they need to have a rain date so the stands can make their money,” said sophomore Matthew Ulmer. “Mother Nature ruined it for the past three years.”

Although the rain and hail put a frown on many peoples’ faces, there are those who still had a good time.

“It was a little slow at first, but I feel people were having fun at the beginning,” said junior Emily Land.

“I worked ITS Thespian Club [stand] and it went pretty well, but we didn’t make [as much money as] we wanted to ’cause of the rain,” said junior Alana Herr.

One wrestler gets knocked to the mat before storms interrupted Spring Fling 2010. Photo by Sarah Garner

Spring Fling has been a district event for several years and it continues to grow and change, according to Eby and Drexel.

“I think it was more organized this year,” said Drexel. “We had more stuff done ahead of time.”

“It costs about $4,000 to run Spring Fling,” said Eby. “We raise enough [money] to have Spring Fling [in order to] help clubs make money.”

But not everything went perfectly.

Drexel considered what she would change in the upcoming years if she could.

“I don’t think we’ve had as many clubs [as previous years],” said Drexel. “More sports clubs [will be asked to participate].”

Eby felt confident enough to say the weather will not be an issue next year.

“This will be the last year it rains,” said Eby. “It will not rain next year!”

By Sarah Garner and Kendal Phillips

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  1. The quotes contained in this article have far too many parenthetical additions to the original speakers’ words. These additions are permissible on occasion, but I personally believe that there are too here. Aside from this, the article is superb.

  2. Spring fling was kinda lame..except for the food..I bought a bunch of food & left..which was good because of all the rain and hail. I’m not trying to get hit in the head with that hahah.

  3. spring fling was great, and as kay said people stuffed there mouths with greasy food to cope with the rain

  4. Yes, I am annoyed. Annoyed that the Spring Fling was rained on again but also that this”junior editor” person keeps making corrections to everybody’s articles. This is about the third one I’ve seen, and its starting to get old when people have to point out corrections in articles that were meant for fun. Plus I think I know who it is…

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