National History Day Makes History at Penn Manor

Three of Penn Manor’s brightest were competing in National History Day at a state level.

Jeremy Vital

Jeremy Vital, Trevor Troup and Ande Olsen finished in the top six in state competition for their documentary on the innovation of refrigeration.

The project was made for National History Day(NHD), and took these three to glory.

“It was surprising because I started out just trying to get an A in the class, but ended up getting sixth in states,” said junior Trevor Troup.

The project for the three began in the classroom as just another class assignment.

Trevor Troup

“We didn’t even try that hard, then it ended up being a really good project,” said junior Ande Olsen.

Penn Manor also had the home school advantage in

Ande Olsen

the event since they hosted it.

“I felt right at home because I didn’t have to travel,” said junior Jeremy Vital.

This was the most successful year for Penn Manor at the NHD event, and the Social Studies department looks forward to next year’s event with enthusiasm.

“Even though we wont have the class together, were still going to make a project for the next event(NHD),” vowed Jeremy Vital
By Paul Slaugh

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  1. Great job…way to represent Penn Manor! You should be proud of all your hard work with the documentary for National History Day. Sixth in the state is awesome!

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