The Addiction Series: Texting

What’s in 160 characters?

Texting. It happens under desks, behind computers, in the bathrooms.

Two-and-a-half billion texts are sent each day in America.

That’s an average of 28,935 texts sent every second.

But how many of those are yours?

“I use at least 1400 a month. I don’t think I’ve ever had under 1000 texts per month,” said sophomore Kelly Herr.

Students text the truth. Photo by Lindsey Ostrum

“[I send] like 520 or something a day. [I clear my inbox] like twice a day,” said sophomore Emily Sisson.

According to Nielsen Research, the average teen sends 3146 texts per month.

Boys average 30 texts per day while girls average 80. Boys are also proven to text with worse grammar and punctuation.

Some readers may remember when cell phones were used for calling.

But it’s not the eighteenth century anymore.

“I text for everything now.   I don’t call people at all,” said Herr.

The addiction of texting has also begun to create long-lasting affects on teens.

Annie Levitz, a Chicago student, was recently diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome.

The cause? Texting.

After discovering shooting pains in her hands, Levitz went to the doctor, and now has to wear braces on both hands.

But the worst punishment: texting only 20-30 times per day.

Levitz sent ‘100 texts on a bad day.’

Annie Levitz texts with her braces to fix her carpal tunnel. Photo from

“I definitely regret it,” Levitz said regarding her extensive texting. “It’s painful, first of all. It’s embarrassing wearing the braces, and having people know – it’s not the greatest.”

Dr. Sofia Aksentijevich says texting and other movements over time can cause the condition of carpal tunnel.

“When you text, type or make other repetitive motions, irritated tendons or other swelling can squeeze the nerves inside the narrow carpal tunnel.”

Some may say it’s just the pain of staying connected.

By Lindsey Ostrum and Mike Nitroy

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  1. texting is ruining this country’s youth because even tho someone is right next to you… how do you talk to them? YOU TEXT THEM!!! they are right next to you, talk to them, ill bet in 10-15 years, tho only way to talk to people is texting. makes me glad i don’t have a phone

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