Arenas released from Halfway House

I need some help right now understanding the Gilbert Arenas case. Arenas pleaded guilty in January to felony gun possession. He pulled a gun on his own teammate Javaris Crittenton in their locker room because of a dispute over a card game.

What I don’t understand is Arenas pulled a gun on his teammate over cards. Cards really? What upsets me the most is he was only sentenced to a month in a halfway house. Is he above the law just because of his basketball skills? If this was a regular non-famous person, they’d be in jail right now serving time while Agent Zero “Arenas” is ready to get prepared for next season.

Taylor Groff

Michael Vick was in jail for two whole years and all Arenas gets is a halfway house. Yes, I understand Vick fought dogs for gambling purposes, but Arenas could have injured a human being with his actions. Vick served his time and owned up to it. Arenas served no jail time for his actions. It just doesn’t add up to me.

According to, Arenas was questioned about his stay in the halfway house. Each time he had nothing to say about his stay. That’s terrible. He can’t say anything positive about his stay? He can’t tell people he really learned his lesson and will never put himself in a position to get in trouble with the law again? This guy is headed down the wrong track. He still has four years left in his six-year, $111 million contract. The Wizard’s president Ernie Grunfeld said they will not trade Arenas because he is a franchise player.

David Stern- the NBA needs you to step up and put an end to this nonsense. These players are not representing sports the way they should be. Players need to take responsibility for their own actions.

By Taylor Groff and Cody Straub

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  1. Yeah i completely agree. Im sure the wizards organization had something to do with him getting out so quickly.

  2. Basketball players should be allowed to do drugs and make dogs fight, it worked out for baseball and football.

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