ETPM: A Night Of Talent

You know it’s a successful high school event when the students are cheering each other on, and the elderly couples have left before the end of the final act.

Kelly Lenahan performs at ETPM Photo by Rob Henry

Entertainment Penn Manor, the annual talent show presented by the student council, had another outstanding show on Saturday, April 24.

“It was really great to have the opportunity to perform in front of my peers. I really enjoyed the experience,” said sophomore Kelly Lenahan, who played piano while junior Jill Wiley sang.

People from all over the community came out to watch the acts, with some acts even earning standing ovations from members of the crowd.

“I thought the acts were good, but I wish there was more diversity of talent instead of people mainly singing. There should have been more dancing acts and other talents like the talent shows previous years,” said junior Livie Stoltzfus.

“It was really good and exciting to see all the amazing talent,” said Sabrina Kurtz, “My favorite was the band that sang ‘Under The Bridge’ by ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’.”

Acts Included:

Becca Eckman, Tim Deubler, Jesse Griffith, Tosh Chambers: Singing/Guitar/Drums/Bass

Sierra Woodworth: Singing

Kim and Greg Gydush perform at ETPM Photo by Rob Henry

Ian Bricker and Emily Biechler: Singing/Piano

Corina Connelly: Singing

Alicia Ygarza and  Marcos Rivera: Singing/Dancing

Kim and Greg Gydush: Singing/Guitar

Mandy Li: Piano

Shea Kurtz and Bri Potts: Singing/Guitar

Greg Gydush, Pat Navin, Shane Burkhardt, Spencer Barnett: Singing/Drums/Guitar/Bass

Dessie Jackon and Clayton Secrest: Dancing

Jill Wiley and Kelly Lenahan: Singing/Piano

Hunter Paulson, Henry Stewart, Tyler Funk, Gabe Eshleman, Dessie Jackson: Singing/Guitar/Drums/Tambourine/ Violin

Henry Stewart and Tyler Funk:  Keyboard/Drums

Manhunt: Tim Deubler, Sid Kreitzer, Jesse Griffith, Tosh Chambers, Weston Chambers and Alicia Ygarza: Singing/Guitar/Drums/Bass/Keyboards

Emcees for the night: Ariela Contreras with Venessa Nogueras, Marcos Rivera and Xiomara Contreras

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By Lindsey Ostrum and Mike Nitroy

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  1. I went to ETPM with my neighbor, the show was really good. Some people were really talented, and there was a lot of humor involved as well.

  2. omg guys it was so much fun to do! if you didnt come see it you missed out! i was soo nervous before i went on, there were so many ppl! Everyone did great and had tons of fun!

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