Indie Artist Comes to Penn Manor

Bess Rogers is going to “Travel Back” to Lancaster on April 15.

Recruited by Kim McMullen, Penn Manor art teacher, through a Penn Manor Education Foundation grant, the semi-famous indie artist will perform and speak with students and faculty.

McMullen describes Rogers’ music as: “she’s anywhere from indie pop, to 80’s and country…it’s just such a vast spectrum.”

She and Rogers met in true indie fashion.  After a concert, McMullen invited Rogers to ‘crash on her couch.’

Rogers has appeared on Ellen, The CBS Early Show, and is awaiting an appearance on The Rachel Ray Show, and her music has been featured on TNT’s “Raising the Bar” while apparently maintaining a happy obscurity.

She often swaps between her solo work, and performances with Ingrid Michaelson, The Flux Capacitors (dedicated to bluegrass covers of 80s songs), and The Age of Rockets, an orchestral/electronica group, who have been compared to “The Postal Service meets a grand orchestra.”

The event will also be host to the “Be a Fan, Bring a Can” drive, a sort of “optional admission fee.”  Food gathered will be donated to the Solanco Food Bank, which supports 14 families within the Penn Manor School District.

By Kennedy Phillips

8 thoughts on “Indie Artist Comes to Penn Manor”

  1. How can an indie artist even be remotely famous to begin with. The very definition of the indie music genre is “unmainstream-unfamous-rock music recorded on low quality equipment or otherwise performed live.”

  2. She is barely known. She is a very average guitarist, only play simple chords in her songs. And her voice isnt anything special either

  3. I wasn’t looking forward to her when I heard about her

    but I was impressed
    she was actually great 🙂

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