The Last Song: A Flat Note

Some critics say that after seeing, ‘The Last Song”, the title is exactly what they hope from Miley Cyrus.

Nicholas Spark’s, ‘The Last Song’ is a story about a rebellious teenage girl, Ronnie, (Miley Cyrus) who returns to her Dad’s house in the summer, the man whom she hasn’t talked to since her parent’s divorce. While there, Ronnie experiences romance, betrayal and tragedy.

Read on for a male and female perspective of the movie.

Lindsey Ostrum (LO): The plot of the movie was good for a ‘chick-flick’ kind of movie, but the actors they chose didn’t fit the characters.

Mike Nitroy (MN): It wasn’t so much the actors, but the screenplay. The movie seemed to spend too much time on Ronnie and her boyfriend then what the movie should really be about, reconnecting with her and her father.

The Last Song doesn't carry a tune with either gender. Photo from

LO: The fact that Cyrus was playing a rebellious character didn’t fit either. She’s too known as a preteen comedy actress to take on a role that different. Her acting ability isn’t so good that she knows how to portray different roles.

MN: Just having Cyrus in the movie probably drove as many people away as it brought in. She’s more believable in the second half of the movie when she takes the role of the caring daughter.

LO:  The chemistry between Cyrus and her on screen boyfriend, Will (Liam Hemsworth), was believable because they are dating in real life. It just wasn’t the chemistry that the two characters in the story should have. The parts they were trying to play seemed too different than their actual personalities.

MN: The chemistry was fine for a clichéd Nicholas Sparks movie that when it comes down to it, only had one unexpected event.

LO: It was really sad though. It brought out emotion and it wasn’t a bland  ‘all about love’,  romance movie.

MN: The fact that about two-thirds of the theater audience was sniffing through the movie confirms the sadness. There weren’t any tears from these eyes though. The best part of the movie was the soundtrack that ranged through multiple genres.

LO: The idea of the story was overall well done.

MN: It was medium-rare.

LO: They just picked two wrong actors for two good parts.

MN: Waiting to rent it on DVD is probably better than sitting in a cold theater around 30 people without tissues.

By Lindsey Ostrum and Mike Nitroy

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  1. I was genuinely looking forward to seeing this movie, but after reading this analysis of its plot, I still am.

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