Mac vs PC – The Great Debate

Hello, I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC.

In a recent Penn Manor study, students were asked what their favorite computer is, Mac or PC?

We found that of the 20 students polled, a majority (11) chose PCs over Macs.

But on both sides of the discussion, opinions are strong.

“Macs are more convenient,” said Justin Herr, “PCs have a lot of ins-an-outs and what-have-yas.”

When buying a Mac, some people say you’re just paying for the name.

The lowest priced MacBook is $999 and the lowest priced iMac is $1,199.

For only $479.99 you can buy an HP laptop with nearly the same specs as the $999 MacBook.

You can buy an HP desktop for $549.99 with almost the exact specs of the $1,199 iMac.

The new iMac model. photo coutesy of

Penn Manor science

teacher, Paul Chismar said, “The only reason I like Macs is because I have gotten use to using them at school.”

“PC’s you can right click, Macs you have to control, apple, F,Q and crap,” said Penn Manor junior Cody Welch.

“I love macs because of their user friendly format and the lack of viruses,” said Penn Manor English teacher Greg McGough, pointing out one of the major upsides of a mac and one of the major flaws of a PC.

As far as an exact number of viruses for macs, it is hard to tell because it all depends on what you consider a virus and what operating system you are using.

When looking at the number of viruses for a windows operating system like Windows Vista, their is not an exact number, but according to, “The total number of viruses will reach 1 million by year-end, according to security experts.”

One argument is that PCs are better than Macs when it comes to gaming, which

An HP Desktop. Photo courtesy of

attracts a lot of young users.

On the other hand, Penn Manor sophomore Matt Ulmer said, “I like Macs because they’re better for gaming.”

Welch disagrees, “I’m a gamer you know,” when asked why he is a PC user.

So it comes down to a matter of opinion when you are talking Mac versus PC, but at Penn Manor, PC is victorious, slightly.

Stay tuned next week, when the debate continues over video games.

By Zane Sensenig and Paul Slaugh

10 thoughts on “Mac vs PC – The Great Debate”

  1. Why does this article make no mention of Linux. It is an excellent alternative operating system that is far too often overlooked. My personal favorite distro of Linux is Ubuntu. Ubuntu is 100% and open source. It is similar to Macs in that it is virus-free, very secure, fast, and not good for gaming, but it is free and can be installed on any hardware with driver support. With Ubuntu you get the security that people always tout Macs as being the best for, but on an operating system which is free and does not require people to purchase outrageously expensive Apple hardware.

  2. I actually enjoy both types to some extent,
    I like macs when it comes to working, and just surfing the internet

    but I also like PCs because you can play games on them

    I know they make games for Macs but they don’t have as much variety as the PC

  3. You can actually create a computer with Windows on it for around 400 bucks and have it out perform a two thousand dollar Mac.

    And I agree with Jerome, Linux should have been mentioned in this article. Anyone who knows their way around computers would favor Linux for multiple reasons.

    And, I am a Windows user.
    I prefer windows for gaming because I am a pretty big PC gamer.

  4. Along the gaming lines, macs are horrible for gaming. Their games are grossly overpriced, and new games are hardly ever for mac. For example, I got Fable for my PC for 5 bucks used. They have it for 60 new in the Apple store at Park City.
    Although, Steam has announced that they are making Steam compatible with Mac this April, but that will only include a small amount of games. Plus, all the decent gaming hardware is configured for PC, mac isn’t very compatible.
    Let’s not forget about how we can’t upgrade Macs ourselves, we have to send them in.

  5. okay Annon, I lol’d at the comparison between a new and a used game. you realize the prices are different for a reason? I’m a Mac, a PC, and a linux actually. And I still have one of those blue 3G iMacs. XD

  6. Oh, and yes you can actually get viruses on the Mac. In fact, Mac is quite easy to infect/hack, just they’re not worth hacking because they are garbage.

  7. I prefer Macs becuase i am on my computer alot and pcs have alot of 3rd party software that tends to have viruss tag along and pcs also have alot of errors when made and anoyying crashes, Macs dont.

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