Animation Domination

If Eric Cartmen, Stewie and Bart Simpson took part in an epic animated battle, who would win?

In a recent Penn Manor study, three of the leading animated comedies were polled to find out what show students preferred.

The shows that were polled include: “Family Guy”, “South Park” and “The Simpsons.”

“Family Guy” was first aired on January 31st, 1999 on the Fox network. There are currently 138 episodes and in its eighth season.

“South Park” was first aired on August 13th, 1997 on Comedy Central. There are currently 195 episodes and in its fourteenth season.

The oldest of the three shows is “The Simpsons;” it first aired on December 17th, 1989 on the Fox network. There are currently 454 episodes and has twenty-one seasons.

The Simpsons were once the most popular animated comedy...not the case anymore. Photo courtesy of

“Every episode is funny,” said Conor Snow, about his favorite show, “Family Guy.”

Penn Manor junior Patrick Miller disagreed, “South Park always takes me on an epic journey.”

On the other hand, junior, Kevin Szurok said, “Simpsons is too family oriented.”

Out of 64 students surveyed, 36 of them chose “Family Guy,” 25 chose South Park and 3 said they liked “The Simpsons.”

This shows that “The Simpsons” is becoming an outdated form of comedy. The reason for this could be, because “The Simpsons” are not as vulgar as “South Park” and not as teen oriented as “Family Guy.”

While “Family Guy” takes the cake, their could be something to debate here. When we went around interviewing people, most of the results came in clumps, meaning, one table would all choose “Family Guy” and another table would all choose “South Park.” This shows that friends who have similar interests in comedy tend to converse and hangout together more.

As Bart Simpson and “The Simpsons” are left in the dust, it is up to “Family Guy” to keep the animated comedy genre alive.

By: Zane Sensenig and Paul Slaugh

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  1. family guy gets really old though 🙁
    thats what i think
    but i like south park wayyyy more 🙂

  2. These shows are full of crude and perverted humor. It takes a sick mind to laugh at them. This is why I like them.

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