Ice Cream Headaches for Haiti

A classic carnival popcorn machine has been wheeled into Penn Manor’s cafeteria and homemade ice cream is being churned and served.

But where you might expect someone like Vancouver’s ‘electrician’ from the Olympic closing ceremonies, there is a trio of students dedicated to easing the suffering in Haiti.

Working through the disaster relief fund of Compassion International, an offshoot of the world-wide child advocacy group, these volunteers, Becca Kyper, Lyndsay Funk and Grace Lefever, are using the most effective fund-raising method known to man: food.

“On Monday, we raised over $100, and now, we’re getting even more.” One hundred dollars is enough to provide medical treatment for fifty patients.

 “There’s not really a goal here. I mean it would be awesome if we made enough to build a house, but we just do what we can.”

The fundraiser runs through Friday, March 5, so go buy a sundae and save a life.

2 thoughts on “Ice Cream Headaches for Haiti”

  1. Now correct me if I am wrong, but would it not be more efficient to simply donate my money directly to those in need rather than squander my money upon humanly desires such as ice cream where much of my money spent will sadly go towards the cost of my selfish wants when more of it could be flowing 100% to those in need?

  2. @Nacho

    Depends on how you look at things…believe it or not…your precious dollar is still going 100% to helping those in need…you just get a reward for donating. These girls have the right idea!

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