McNabb: Do Eagles’ fans want him gone?

Pick the number that doesn’t fit in this following sequence:  21, 23, 24, 33, 21.

While some people that are 18 years old and above are reflecting back to their PSSA days, some are really thinking about this. Obviously it’s 33 because it is the number that is significantly the highest… right? But what does it have to do with anything. What does it all mean?

The previous list of numbers had to do with the Philadelphia Eagles, who were just shot out of the sky – or playoffs – by the Dallas Cowboys in just the second Sunday of the young 2010 (yeah, some New Year, alright). They are the ages of the main contributors of Philadelphia’s offense in this past regular season.

“His attitude has changed over the years,” “he’s cocky,” “he sucks.” Those actual quotes from Penn Manor students are about the man in charge, and the oldest man of the Eagles’ youthful offense, Donovan McNabb.

Attitudes are changing towards McNabb from Eagles’ fans all over and people are losing faith in the aging quarterback.

“Sadly, I think it’s time,” said Assistant Principal, Doug Eby, an Eagles’ fan, who thinks it’s time the Eagles move on without McNabb

“Thirteen years in the league is it?” Eby contemplated McNabb’s career with a concerned smirk on his face. He, along with other students and faculty, think the Eagles should take next year to “rebuild” around the youth of the team.

First and most important stop on the rebuilding train:  Quarterback.

McNabb has been with the team through thick and thin, coming out with multiple above .500 seasons and playoff appearances, and even one Super Bowl appearance, but no rings. And all the wins in the world mean nothing when you don’t come out of the playoffs with a Super Bowl ring. Just ask the ’07 Patriots.

A Penn Manor Senior and Eagles’ fan, T.J. Richards, said in order to “bring a Super Bowl to Philly” they need to platoon Kevin Kolb, 25, and Michael Vick, 29, together. He also is with the many who think that McNabb is a little too old for the young offense. In addition, he noted, “He shakes things off” and he doesn’t get bothered by mistakes as much. While that could be a good thing during a game it doesn’t do much during the reflection period when players typically dwell on their mistakes. That’s another reason why Richards wants him out.

Kolb drop-stepping before a pass

Kolb filled in for McNabb for two games and played at the end of the season while Philadelphia was resting their starters. In these games, Kolb threw for 4 touchdowns with 3 interceptions and had an 88. 9 quarterback rating.

Michael Vick has shown flickers of his remaining talents at quarterback after his dog-fighting debacle. With the Eagles, he has been an important part of their wildcat formation and putting him in is a diversion that defenses have to cope with might be a good move. He has started one game and played in a total of twelve. In those games, he passed for one touchdown and ran for two with 181 total yards.

While some people are getting a little tired of McNabb, some people, like Eagles’ fan Matthew Scheuing don’t think it’s quite time for McNabb to go but are a little hesitant to say who the QB should be if McNabb were to leave.

“I don’t think Kevin Kolb is the answer,” said Scheuing. He’s leaning on Vick if someone would have to replace McNabb saying that Vick would be a “better option than Kolb.”

Vick ready for some action with his helmet half-on

Scheuing, though, thinks that the offensive line is the highlight of the Eagles’ problems rather than the quarterback position.

The rebuilding train is-a-movin’ and the first stop is already stirring up some rumors including McNabb going to the Cleveland Browns or to the Chicago Bears.

The train will have a couple stops but first the Eagles have to deal with the quarterback situation. Will it be McNabb? Kolb? Vick? Kolb and Vick?

You can find the latest gossip about this dilemma at and Scheuing also noted that there is a good blog called the 700 level that he looks at for Eagles’ latest and breaking news.

By Alex Geli

5 thoughts on “McNabb: Do Eagles’ fans want him gone?”

  1. Well if he left then the Eagles would loose more often. I know most people didn’t think that would be possible, but it’s what would happen.

  2. Great writing but I don’t think Vic belongs anywhere in the professional sports arena.

  3. If he did leave the Eagles that could be a good thing but it could also be a bad thing for them

  4. as much as i dont wanna see vick leave, i think their going to end up trading him for a draft pick or another vet. kolb wont be happy if he isnt given his opportunity. and mcnabb will keep doing what hes doing..we got a real issue over in south philly

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