Bull Dogs Edge Out Comets in Hockey Nail Biter

As the Penn Manor Comets ice hockey team skate into their second half of their season at a 3-8 record, there are some hopes for this team to improve their record overall.

The Comets faced some “problems early in the season but worked out the kinks,” said team captain Garth Bolin.  “We are a solid team.

“We are better than our record shows,” said Bolin when referring to their game on January 13 against West York, the number one-team in the division.

Penn Manor came out strong and stunned the West York Bulldogs with an early goal by Jason Green.

“He may be small but he is a very talented player,” said one of the comets leading defenders, junior Cree Bleacher.

The Bulldogs answered with two goals to end the first period at 2-1 West York.

The Comets answered back with two goals to start out the period. The Bulldogs found it in them to pull out one more goal to tie up the score and make it a 3-3 game at the end of the second period.

The third period was a rough one for the Comets.  They were scored on twice.  And just when it seemed to be hopeless, the Comets scored with a 1:06 left in the game.

But the Comets seemed to have no more in them and  the Bull Dogs took the hard-fought game 5-4.

By Alex Geiger

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