Eagles Flail Away their Super Bowl Chances

Philadelphia was a complete bust, with a capital B.

The Eagles got embarrassed for the second time in a row by the Cowboys in their wild card showdown, and their schedule possibly shows why.

All of their 11 wins came against teams that didn’t make the playoffs. Weak teams; the Chiefs, 49ers, Redskins, Buccaneers, and the Bears. Sure, they beat the Giants and Broncos, who could be classified as good teams, but none of the elite teams in the league.

The team that did beat Philly, however, is on a hot streak. How ‘bout them Cowboys!

“(The Cowboys) have a chance to win because their defense is strong and their offense is doing a great job,” said Bahir Wahidullah.

Dallas wrecked the Eagles in Wild Card weekend and now look like the team to beat from the NFC. Tony Romo is having a record year and hasn’t had his yearly struggles in December. Wahidullah thinks that the team goes as Romo goes.

Their offense and the leadership of Romo isn’t the only reason why the ‘Boys are in this optimistic position, their defense is also a big reason for their success.

Dallas’s star outside line backer Demarcus Ware led the Cowboys in sacks during the regular season with a not too shabby 11 and continued his defensive dominance with 2 more in the postseason. Line backer Anthony Spencer joined in on the action with a sack of his own, and has come out of that early season daze that he began the year with.

Wahidullah is confident that his team will make the big game, but isn’t too sure about the outcome.

“I don’t think they can actually win the Super Bowl, cuz that’s a tough game.”

Although he is still hopeful the Cowboys will be World Champs, he fears that teams from the AFC, such as the Chargers, will be too much to handle.

San Diego is on a roll – they’ve just one eleven in a row… no big deal. As they go up against the New York Jets, they will have a tough road to the big game where they just might meet the Cowboys

By Jake Shiner and Alex Geli

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  1. Shame. I wanted to see them go to the super bowl. It would have been more entertaining to see their defeat there.

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