The Truth About Band – One Opinion

With the band season now over, it is time to set the record straight.

If there is one thing I can say about band, it is that everyone has the wrong idea about it.

There are basically four major misconceptions about band.

The first: Band is for nerds. While I can not argue that there are quite a few nerds in band (I will not mention names), most of us are actually normal teens, with lots of friends.

Many of the students in band participate in other sports. Some are even ex-cheerleaders.

The second: Band is not a sport. According to, a sport is basically any athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature.

If you came to a practice, you would see band is obviously a sport. We run. A lot. We compete every week end for three months. We endure the hottest days of the summer, the horribly windy days of fall, and the iciness of winter, all in one season.

The third myth: Band is simple. Ask a drummer, band is not a simple endeavor.

For some reason, I highly doubt that many students in our school are capable of running for eight and a half minutes with a forty pound weight strapped to their chests. All the while, maintaining good posture, proper marching techniques, and keeping a steady beat.

The fourth myth and probably most common misconception about band: What goes on at band camp. If you are above the age of ten, then you have most likely seen the American Pie movies or at least heard the classic “one time at band camp…” line.

Let me just say, nothing at band camp is even remotely the way the movie portrays it.

The basic idea of band camp consists of lots of running, drinking a lot of water, sweating, playing music and searching the field to find your exact spot as Mr. Mumma yells over the speakers, “A little to the left. A couple steps forward. Now a little to the right. Okay, there.”

If you have any disagreements, come to Marticville Middle School, the second week of August 2010. You’ll see exactly what band is all about.

By Stephanie Carroll

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  1. thanks for finally executing the band myths. most of us are not nerds but i can definitly tell who some of them are that you havent mentioned. but even with the long hours and endless season we love band. cant wait for band camp this summer. we will all miss you and the rest of our seniors. good luck with college.

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