Night School Experience was Life-Changing

Its last year.  I’m sitting on my grandma’s step waiting for the bus to go to school at 3:00 in the afternoon.

That’s right 3 p.m.

Unusual right?

But that’s a regular schedule for a night school student.

That’s right, night school.

Night school, where all the kids who don’t have their life on track go. Suddenly I was one of the those kids.

As a freshman, you are introduced to so many new things and you get so much more freedom than ever before. You think you’re unstoppable, well; at least that’s how it was for me and my friends freshmen year.

Tyler Keith

That year, I got mixed in with the wrong group of kids. I thought they were the popular kids and the ones that were having the best time. I wanted to be the popular kid. So I went and made the biggest mistake of my life just to be a popular kid in school. I bought drugs. Being a freshman, thinking that I was unstoppable, I showed the drugs off on the bus.

That next Monday, I was called to the office with no second thought about the drugs. I was sitting in the office getting interrogated by two principles. They started to tell me the disciplinary actions. The whole ordeal becomes a nightmare and I just wanted to wake up.

From being the kid that has never got into any real big trouble for anything to the kid who suddenly became a major screw-up.  When my dad walked in the office door, I couldn’t even look at him just because I knew he was so disappointed in me.  My parents were more disgusted than ever about everything.

This was the worst chapter of my life. I felt like there was never going to be an end to my punishment and that I was going to sit at home all summer long while my classmates were out enjoying their high school years.

It got to the point where I would live my life during the night.  This way I wouldn’t have to be around anyone. I ended my last ten days of freshmen year at my house and it still wasn’t over. I had a punishment of a minimum of 45 days in night school, 25 hours of community service, drug and alcohol classes and a chance of not being able to wrestle the next year. My whole life was wrestling.

That first day of night school, I was more nervous then the first day of elementary school, middle school and high school put all together. Not knowing anyone or what you were in for and not one person you had anything in common with, except your crime.

Night school was not as bad as I thought except I couldn’t see my friends; go to football games or homecoming.  But it changed my life around and made me smarter about my decisions. The good news was that, after 45 days, I returned to day school and was able to wrestle.

That’s right, I’m back on track.

By: Tyler Keith

19 thoughts on “Night School Experience was Life-Changing”

  1. Tyler,

    I hope you have a great wrestling season. You will surely appreciate the sport and your ability to wrestle more than you might have if you hadn’t made a mistake and paid a price.

  2. I admire this student for telling the truth and dealing with his actions! He turned his life around and is back on track. It was probably the hardest thing in his life to do but he did it and it will make him stronger as a person. I hope your story can teach other students that anything is possible, if you put your mind to it and work hard. Thank you for sharing your story!

  3. I can relate to him and what hes saying since i know tyler and i remember when this happened. haha
    I am in nightschool now for attendance issues but im returning in 2 weeks
    yea u hear that^^^^

    this program really does help make school more positive but hopefully dayschool works out for me

  4. So your story is alright but twilight isnt that bad at all. I am a student currently in it and going back to day school on the 20th. But I am going to miss twilight because its actually alot of fun. Yeah your schedule gets re-arranged but it worked really well for me. Not getting up early, attending field trips and other things..your like family. But I am excited to go back, its the end of my senior year and want to spend it back in day school. Thanks for sharing your story, oh and you can go to homecoming n other stuff by the way 🙂

  5. i thought i was instoppable to and i am i ninth grade. i made the same mistake that you did in the same grade.

  6. tyler i like how you changed your life around you are an inspiration to all maybe i might get out of night school and change my life around thank you for posting this tyler

  7. this article was interesting because he did everything in his power to turn his life around and make the best at it.

  8. I was the same way but you got to be your own person. and Just live your life, you only have one life to live so live it your way. If something goes wrong ask to speak to Cordell wall.

  9. It seems like you were being dumb about things. Everyone doesn’t always fit in with everybody. At least you didn’t get in MAJOR trouble like Felonies, or Arrested. It seems that you were smart about going to night school, but night is really bad except some days. But that was dumb showing off your dirt(drugs).

  10. Night school is not as bad as he made it sound to be. The first time i heard i was going to night school i wasnt excited, but i wasnt nervous either. Its a lot easier and a heck of a lot better. You make friends faster and easier than in day school.

  11. I admire Tyler, he did something wrong and followed through with his punishment. He went to nightschool, accepted the fact that he may not be able to wrestle but as you can see he did what he was supposed to do and now his life is back on track. He will graduate with his freinds, enjoy the rest of his highschool career at Pennmanor. Tylers story could inspire other kids who fall in the “bad” category to grow up and get your head on straight so your life turns out the way you want it to

  12. Good job man, and don’t forget that Obama used cocaine and marijuana as a kid (read his book, it’s true) so it’s very possible to turn around your life and it’s good you did it before it became too late.

  13. night school isnt just for kids who dont have there life on track, theres plenty of kids in high school whom dont have there life on track as well.
    Ive went to night school in 9th grade (senior now) and it was Mr. Crow as the coordinator, and if you all know mr. crow, you know night school was incredible. Now its changed as i hear to a little more crack down. Its nice that Penn manor has an alternative education program for students whom need or were put into it. and its good to hear that it has helped people ,glad to see all the night school kids of 09′ back in school!

  14. Noooo day school is so much better here. We HAVE something special here. Apparently, Launy Appleseed doesn’t know what past tense is. Maybe she should join day school to help her grammar out a little bit.

    Good-job dude!!!!!!!! 😉

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