My Snow Adventures

How were the roads this weekend? If you don’t drive, or if you refused to this weekend, you may be asking this question. And I can tell you just how winter wonderful they were.

I’m going to start by explaining my wonderful tank of a car. I drive a ’95 Volvo station wagon, it’ not exactly a looker. And it just so happens that, even though Volvo’s are well known for being safe, my car is absolutely indescribably not meant for a change in weather.

Now I need to explain how I put myself into the situation of being on the roads this weekend in the fifteen feet of snow we somehow came across when I believed with all of my being that we would hardly get a flurry.

I knew I needed to work on Saturday morning, and because of its “convenience” I convinced my mom to let me stay at a friend’s house which is much closer to my place of employment.

I woke up to a much appreciated phone call from my manager telling me I didn’t need to work, not believing the winter wonderland that developed outside of my friend’s window. Thinking I would basically be able to hibernate for the rest of the day, I fell back to sleep faster than a narcoleptic. Unfortunately, my mom decided to call me telling me I had to come home because there was apparently a deathly snow outside that I wouldn’t be able to drive through if I waited one more minute. I decided to scoop up a friend on the way home, anyway.

I’m not quite sure if that was one of my brightest ideas.

After picking up my friend on a road that I’m sure hadn’t been plowed and was invisible under 20 inches of snow already, I had to maneuver my big green car up a hill that was seemed more like a snowy mountain. I got to the top of the hill, the light was red, it turned green and I was on my way.

If only it could have been that simple.

My big green car wouldn’t move an inch after I stopped on the top of that hill. But somehow the man upstairs must have been looking down on me and magically there was a truck with a plow right behind me. So my friend waved him in front of us so he could plow my way out.

If only that miracle would have occurred.

Instead the plow man decided to turn the other way and completely ignore my situation in the blizzard.

So I took my only other option.

I decided to reverse the whole way down that hill, and that road so that I could turn onto a different road.

Did I mention before that I’m not the best driver (especially when my gigantic car is going backwards)?

Well I ended up driving backwards on the other side of the road, luckily no other idiots like me were driving on snow death street.

FINALLY, I got to that road I was supposed to turn on, you know the one that was supposed to be my alternative route. Well that one ended up being covered in about three feet of snow already.

At this point I was heated, and all I wanted to do was get home and get some hot chocolate and watch I drove as fast as I could in the new tundra that was developing over my little farmland of a town. I decided to confront the hill again, and I also decided that road rules didn’t apply. Right on red? Sure, if cars aren’t coming the other way. Well that rule was thrown away because the only way I could turn at the top of that same hill I was stuck on before was if I kept my momentum going enough to get over a patch of ice that was laughing at me from the top of the hill. Well guess what? I defeated that patch of ice and I was on my way home when I realized how long all of this had taken.

Oh dear.

My mother probably thought that I was stuck somewhere covered in snow, and she would never find me, which is never a good thing to have my pookie thinking. So I had my friend call her and what do you know? She wants me to go to the grocery store! So I did. And that was an adventure, one that I definitely want to go through again.

And who would have thought that my dear old mom, the one that didn’t even want me driving in the snow in the first place, would have me go BACK with a shopping list?

Not me.

But I went.

By: Abby Wilson

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  1. I don’t know where you live, but I definitely did not get “fifteen feet of snow.”

    Good thing in the end you survived!c

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