A Snowy Weekend Forecast

Now is the time to invest in a good pair of snow boots and a warm winter jacket, because this weekend there will be snow.

According to the website, Weather.com, we will be getting two to four inches of snow on Saturday and some more light snow on Sunday. A winter storm is heading in from the Gulf Steam and we have no choice but to welcome it with open arms. Earlier this year, weather experts predicted this: a snowy winter. Maybe this time the weather man will be correct.

Penn Manor students sure hope so. Snow to the average high school student seems to be the greatest winter gift, the gift of a delay or a relaxing day off.

Sophomore, Breezy Rivera, seems excited for the snow this weekend, “It’s beautiful when it’s snowy.”

Sophomore Adam Morris is another student who is looking forward to a snowy weekend, “Snow is boss. I love snowmen.”

However there are the students of Penn Manor who aren’t the biggest fans of the snow to come, and they hope that the weather man will be incorrect in his prediction.

“I don’t think it’s going to snow because when they say it’s going to it never does,” senior Joanna Reyes says, “I hate the snow.”

Sophomore Alyssa Thompson seems to be expecting big snow this weekend and wants to be well prepared, “I feel like I should go get some bread, eggs, lock myself in my house, get my snow stuff ready, and stock my cabinets.”

Principal Doug Eby is accepting the fact that this winter we may be seeing a lot of snow, “I think it would be nice to have some days off, I’m going to go sledding with my kids.”

It seems that the only downside to having those unexpected days off is having to make them up on the expected days off.

“It seems like it will snow a lot and that will push back the snow days,” senior Amanda Sanchez says.

This weekend we are in for some snow, but we’ll all have to sit back and wait to see if it truly does come.

By: Abby Wilson

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