Giants vs. Eagles Game Heats up Division Race

A lot of words not suitable for a young child’s ears will be flying around Philadelphia and New York on Sunday night.

And what isn’t suitable for a little kid probably isn’t suitable for this website.

“The Giants are going to take a dump on the Eagles,” said Paul Slaugh, a downright cocky Giants’ fan, “and they’re probably not going to lose once next year except for the preseason.”

“It’s huge,” said another of the lonely Giants’ fans in Penn Manor, Cynthia Lonergan, about this Sunday night’s game, where the New York Giants host the Philadelphia Eagles.

Lonergan thinks it’s a big game but has no doubt of her team’s chance of success. “Oh yeah” she said of New York’s ability to pull a win this weekend.

It’s going to be a tough road until the end of the season for the NFC East competitors and most likely two out of three teams will make it through. The two may be playing this Sunday night and it may be the most important game of the Giants’ and Eagles’ seasons.

Britney Clugston (formerly known as Britney Long), an Eagles’ fan, is a little more gracious to her team’s opponent.

“I think they’re a really good team,” she said about the 7-5 Giants. She isn’t making predictions about who is going to win on Sunday but she thinks that the Giants will realistically win the division and that the Eagles will win a ticket to the playoffs by getting a wild card spot.

The Giants and the Eagles aren’t the only teams competing for the NFC East. Do you remember a certain team called the Dallas Cowboys? The team is currently holding on to first place with the Eagles but is known to take a nosedive in December.

After a big loss to the Giants last week, the phrase “bombing the month of December” are ringing again – especially with one of the toughest schedules for the rest of the season.

A Cowboys and Giants fan (don’t ask), Bahir Wahidullah, thinks the Cowboys are going to win the division and the Giants are maybe going to make the playoffs by getting the wild card.

“Ten games should be enough,” said Don Krow.

That is probably the number of wins the Giants, Eagles, and/or Cowboys will have to get to gain entrance into the 2009-10 playoffs.

By Alex Geli

Jake Shiner also contributed to this article

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