Pros vs. Joes – Intramural Floor Hockey Faces Ice Hockey team

Most people would expect the school floor hockey tournament to be a friendly get-together. However, this one has become a fierce battle, actually an epic Cinderella story for the average Joes of Penn Manor to overtake the school’s ice hockey team.

On the floorboards of Penn Manor’s west gym, a straggly bunch of intramural floor hockey players will try to defeat the well-organized, well-practiced, well practically professional ice hockey club team.

The clash of the two teams is slated for December 11 and is a fundraiser for the Spring Fling Committee.

“These benders (hockey term for bad players) can’t match up against us pros. This game will be full of danglefests on our part. They have no chance,” said one of Penn Manor’s top ice hockey defensemen, Cree Bleacher.

Everyone is expecting the Penn Manor hockey team to run the table and win the school hockey tournament but the floor hockey players say “not so fast.”

“We are not serious about hockey, but when it comes to this we are serious and we are going to run the table,” said Harrison Manning.

One thing not in doubt, this tournament will come with some intense shots and hard hits.

The tournament will be a six on six format, including goalies.

The tournament costs each player $5 and the winning team will win a prize.

By Alex Geiger