How to Get a Guy in 10 Days

In 2003, the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” was released.

Here at Penn Manor, we looked at this from a different angle.

We want to know how to get a guy in ten days and we got advice from several Penn Manor students.

Flirty girl isn't quite winning over her love interest. Photo by Damien Oswald

“Don’t tell a guy you’re drama,” said junior Emily Land, “they don’t care, they don’t wanna hear it.”

“I want an all American renaissance girl,” said Eric Bear a junior at Penn Manor, “I’ve gotta be able to take them home to mom, but also take them to Vegas.”

To get a guy you’ve got to act normal. No one wants a girl who plays to be something she truly isn’t.

“She’s gotta be attractive and funny,” said Macon Kirtley.

“She’s gotta have a bod, be a girly-girl, and be prim and proper.” said Bear.

“I want a girl who can chill with me and my friends,” said Zach Miller, “she’s gotta be able to deal with me and my shenanigans.”

It seems easy to win a guy over doesn’t it? I mean their just guys, right? Just be laid back, be yourself, and have a good time.. If you’re lucky enough, you might just win over your guy.

Think you can do it?

By Lyta Ringo