Fifteen and Floundering

No job no money no wheels no life.

15 is probably the worst age for  teens.

It might be the worst age for anyone.

You are right in between everything important.

David Mohimani
David Mohimani

You are too young to get a permit but yet too old to get discounts and child prices.  You are too old to be cute yet they still ask you if you want a kiddie menu.

Old enough to get a job but not old enough to get a good job.

16 may seem close but you are still waiting at least six months more to get your license.

You can’t drive and are envious of almost anyone who can. You want to get a car, pay for insurance, and get gas, but you are going to need a job.  In most cases, however, a decent job isn’t an option for a 15 year old kid.

You are of an age where people expect things of you but don’t want to give you the respect you think you deserve and the cute girl in your 3rd block won’t even look your way.

You don’t have the right friends, the right look and you’re not in the right clique.

Your parents don’t love you, your coach is out to get you and you can’t remember for the life of you what an endoplasmic reticulum is.

15 is the epitome of teenage angst and self loathing sorrow.  Everybody thinks the world is out to get them and they are the target of every teacher’s cruel joke and that pimple on their nose can be seen from a Google Earth sattelite.

Well get over it. Your life isn’t over and no one is out to get you.

Yeah, you can’t drive but don’t worry you’re almost there and you will be driving your whole life. Yeah, you might not get a great job but who has a great first job. By the way, that pimple on your nose can be treated with a healthy dose of Proactive and that girl in your third block is probably going through a sexual identity crisis anyway.

Still, 16 does seem sweet.

By David Mohimani

3 thoughts on “Fifteen and Floundering”

  1. David,

    Thank you for writing this! I firmly believe that having a sense of perspective and a sense of humor are critical at any age, and you have both! You know, fifteen is not too young to be a volunteer – to help senior citizens in your neighborhood or nearby nursing home; to work for the literacy council, reading to people with sight impairments; to help clean up a river or stream or the street. There’s no better way to feel better about being fifteen than to hang around with people who really need you for who and what you are right now.

  2. This is a great column. I think it really describes how the 15 year olds feel. I mean I’m pretty sure I felt that way when I was 15.

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