Mathematicians Take the Prize

X is a positive integer, 338 being a perfect square, what is the value of x?

If you’re not a mathematical genius, the answer probably isn’t an easy one to grasp.

Luckily Penn Manor has quite a handful of these geniuses and they took the top prize recently at the George Washington University, Colonial Math Bowl.

The Colonial Math bowl is a widely known math competition held in Washington, D. C.  once a year where schools come to compete from across the East coast, including this year’s teams from D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

“Most of the kids that are at this competition are from private or elite public schools,” said one of Penn Manor’s math teachers, Kathy Grenier.

Penn Manor’s very own, Ben Clark, and Grant Eledge, placed in the top ten of the individual competition and both received an $80,000 scholarship to the George Washington University.

Neither student has confirmed if they’re going to attend at George Washington University because of the $50,000 yearly tuition.

In the team section, Penn Manor’s Blue Team consisting of Grant Elledge, Helen Hutchens, Ben Clark, and Dan Gochnauer took first place, though the first round was lost, they stayed strong into the finals. The team received a plaque for their winnings.

Great job, mathletes!

By Noah Kuhn

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