The “Hot Stove” – Do You Know What it is?

There’s something going on in baseball right now that is only known by true baseball fans, more specifically Major League Baseball fans.  Are YOU one? If so, don’t bother to read on.

On the other hand, if your mind is going blank right now, you may want to seek out the answer to your questions by reading this article.

Here’s the question:  What is the “hot stove?”

Here’s a hint:  It involves big names like Matt Holliday, Roy Halladay, Chone Figgins, etc.

Without that hint, some students took a guess at what it was.

“Something you shouldn’t touch” – Jenna Waite.

“Home base” – Vanessa Nogueras.

“Where you go when you’re mad” – Laquan Morton.

“Batter’s box” – Lauren Kirby.

Even the wiser, more experienced adults of Penn Manor couldn’t quite get their finger on what the hot stove is.

“A type of pitch” – Frank Dell’ Estate – that was his first guess but later found out from an unknown source what it really is.

“I got nothing” – Sean McKnight (who you would call a baseball fan).

“(When they) pig out at House of Pizza.” – Jeff Roth – the Athletic Director, out of all people, didn’t know.

“Kind of pitch (a fastball)” – Michelle Wagner including some help from her five year-old child, Austin Smith. (I let her have a lifeline… but unfortunately it did her no good).

“A pitcher that can really smoke a fastball right past you” – Joe Herman.

You need another hint don’t you? Here you go:  During this time last year, one team spent more than $400 million to secure three players’ contracts.

Hopefully you’re getting a little warmer – no pun intended.

Certainly a couple of the principals will know what this “hot stove” is.

“(When they) heat up the baseballs” – Phil Gale.

“I’ve never heard of it. Third, first basemen?” – Doug Eby.

Before the answer is revealed, there will be only one more hint – a big one too.

Here it is:  It is after the season ends until around March or so.

Have you guessed it yet? If not, then keep reading on to find out what it is after these guesses from some of Penn Manor’s finest.

“They hit the ball and then they run” – Faheem Gilani. Yes, that was really one of the smartest kids in the school.

“The catcher behind home plate” – Andrew Torres.

“When the pitcher hits the batter” – Sam Zegley.

“Three home runs” – Matt Fritz.

“Home run” – Ellen Blazer and Natalie Dell’ Estate.

“Home plate in an interesting situation in the ninth inning” – Cody Welch.

“When players are released at the end of the season” – Landon Alecxih.

Wait, read that last quote again. That was actually really close if not right on it. He said it was a wild guess but it was a pretty good one.

The hot stove refers to the off-season where a “league” of players sign with teams, and where other teams try and play battle-of-the-salary for big name players. But why call it the “hot stove?”

The term “hot stove” originally comes from the idea where baseball fans (waiting for the next season to start) huddling near a stove trying to keep warm while discussing what their teams’ moves are going to be.

Only Penn Manor’s own baseball star, Matt Scheuing, had the correct answer, although he couldn’t believe he was alone on this one.

Good job if you guessed correctly and feel free to go for news and updates about this year’s hot stove.

By Alex Geli

4 thoughts on “The “Hot Stove” – Do You Know What it is?”

  1. ““They hit the ball and then they run” – Faheem Gilani. Yes, that was really one of the smartest kids in the school.”

    You don’t seem to get it, if Faheem says it, it’s infallible.

    Other than that, it was a superb read!!!!!

  2. I had no clue what the hot stove was but I also thought this was a really entertaining article and quite suspenseful.

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