Failing Math and Excelling in Art

In high school most kids may be passionate about Facebook or school sports; Matt Blaisdell’s passion? Art.

Blaisdell got into art when he was in sixth grade, and he filled his class time with drawing landscapes in Mr. Walton’s class.

“I did that…when I was failing math,” Blaisdell confesses.

Blaisdell has started composing a portfolio of many different pieces of art with different mediums and definitely different styles.

Although it’s hard for him to pin point his favorite medium, Blaisdell says that he likes using a mix between paint and colored pencils. He loves to focus his art on things pertaining to nature or anything urban. Right now his favorite artist is Jackson Pollock, and some of his art models the style this artist uses.

Blaisdell is still undecided on the school that he would like to attend next year, but he’s thinking about the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design.

Within the past three years Blaisdell has really started to get into art.

“…before it was more of a hobby to me. Now it’s a passion,” Blaisdell says.

By: Abby Wilson

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  1. Matt…your situation and how you got to where you are today is almost identical to mine! Except my passion being Game Design of course 😉 We are definitely are working together in the future, Mr. Artist.

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