The Lunchtime Loogie

Its funny how many terrible things can happen to you during your days in high school.

For instance, today I was sitting at the lunch table minding my own business and plop, something landed on my head. Now I truly have thought many times that I’ve felt things fall on me when really it was just my hair moving or something else insignificant like that.

Abby Wilson
Abby Wilson

But just in case, I asked my friend who was sitting beside me to check and sure enough it was a blob of spit. Being the good friend she is, she wiped it off with her sleeve and I decided to try and not think about the germs that were most likely infesting my hair.

How funny is it that the day I get spit on two of my friends come up and decide to rub my hair around? Now we have a serious problem. The germs from my hair have crossed over to their hands and my other friends sleeve. What if the spitter had swine flu? What if being spit on at lunch just opened a whole can of worms and the school is going to be infested with a super spit virus?

I guess within the next few days we’ll find out. And hey, you spitter, just know that when this super virus comes about you will be the one who began the entire thing.

Then the thought crossed my mind, was I intentionally spit on? Was I the target? I still haven’t come to the conclusion as to which is worse; actually being spit on or being the target of the spitting. I have decided after reviewing the situation that I most likely was not the target. But if I was then that is pretty impressive aim.

By: Abby Wilson

6 thoughts on “The Lunchtime Loogie”

  1. I love how optimistic she is about the whole thing. If I got spit on I would be pretty mad and grossed out.

  2. cool reaction
    i hope the person that did it gets his/her just rights though
    cause thats so nasty 🙁

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