Penn Points Online is a new version of Penn Manor’s High School newspaper. The newspaper staff is proud to unleash Penn Points Online, the first online school newspaper in the county. We have decided to go online to be available to the people in the district as well as around the world. Our staff is going to focus solely on the news in our school and our community. Our goal is to have true and interesting stories that will inform and enlighten.

There are many reasons to go online.

Online Media is where the most people can be reached and the most information can be disseminated.

Our online newspaper will eliminate the use of paper, toner, and ink.

Students will be able to interact and leave their own personal comments on our site. However, only appropriate comments will be posted to our site.

This will allow a wider range of people to be able to access our newspaper and get a taste of the life at Penn Manor High School.

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Gabrielle Bauman


Technical Assistance
Charlie Reisinger

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