Wild Thing -There’s One in All of us

“Inside all of us is… hope. Inside all of us is… fear. Inside all of us is… adventure. Inside all of us is… a wild thing.”

Where the Wild Things Are is a heart-warming movie for all ages.  Maurice Sendak, is the author and genius of the classic children’s book, written in 1963 and adapted by Spike Jonze into a movie.max carol wild things

Though the text of the book contains only nine sentences, the pictures and emotions  say more than a thousand words ever could.  The movie turns the adventures of Max into a 94-minute movie, blended with humor, and based on the theme of escape.

The story is focused on Max, a creative and adventurous little boy, who constantly feels that he is alone in the world.  He runs away from home and escapes to an island where the wild things are.  They make Max their king, and they become friends.  In the end, it is obvious that home really is where the heart is.

The movie unites people.  It explores feelings that everyone can relate to, the loneliness of childhood and feeling like no one understood you.  The movie returns to a time when you felt alone and just wanted to run away to your own little world with no cares.   It is a fantastic movie for teenagers, adults, children and grand-parents.

The movie theater audience  was roaring with laughter almost the whole way through the movie.  The only time they were silent was the emotional and pensive parts.

All in all, this movie may be one of the best movies of 2009.  You just have to see it to believe it.

By: Alyssa Funk

8 thoughts on “Wild Thing -There’s One in All of us”

  1. “Where the Wild Things Are,” was one of my favorite books growing up. I liked this article because it gave me a discription on what the movie will be like.

  2. yes!

    this movie was hilarious!
    i couldn’t stop laughing, and neither could anyone else in the whole theater!
    i love your review, it makes it seem like im watching the movie and reading the book.

    great job, you’re an amazing writer!

  3. This movie is so adorable! I love it so much, reminds me of the days when I was little and my family read the book to me.

  4. I love the book, but the movie disappointed me. It was rather sad and had more of a dark scene then what was suspected. It’s a great movie if you’re not in that great of a mood, if anything it might boost your mood.

  5. whats amazing is that this book really resurfaced after the marching band did this as the show for the 2007-2008 fall sports year. then the local community shed more light and finally the movie brought this great book to the theaters and the rest of the nation. the movie was good but the book and its simplicity was better because the kids who read it get to imagine everything in between and arent told what exactly goes on every step of the way.

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